Material handling

Whatever the equipment: telescopic fork lift, forklift truck, stacker, order preparation, forklift, etc., the expertise of SERTA is recognised by numerous market-leaders for the design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders allowing precision, speed and all under very high loads.

Powerpack cylinder
Cylinder with battery

Technical solutions matched to the needs of the activity sector:

  • Single action hydraulic cylinders for vertical material handling applications.
  • Sealing system with low friction to ensure high precision positioning and an increase in efficiency and stability of the hydraulic cylinder.
  • Hollow shafts to allow hydraulic supply via the shaft to reduce weight
  • Treatment of the body interior with carbonitriding : Oxynit for double-action cylinder applications with a free-air chamber.
  • Shock absorbers at the end of travel fixed, adjustable or progressive,
  • Parachute valves for safety in the case of a ruptured flexible pipe.
  • Energy recovery function: accumulators.