Building and public works

Whatever the equipment: telescopic crane, mini-digger, loader, cherry picker, drilling rig, etc., the expertise of SERTA is recognised by numerous market-leaders for the design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, capable of withstanding the mechanical loads imposed by public works.


Bolted cylinder

Technical solutions matched to the needs of the activity sector:

  • Bolted hydraulic cylinders to guarantee resistance to pressure peaks,
  • Friction welding of attachments to ensure a high-strength connection and excellent resistance to fatigue.
  • Shafts treated HF to improve life expectancy and shock resistance,
  • Sealing and guide system that is very robust allowing pressure peaks and operating conditions in dusty, sandy, etc. environments and very high radial loads.
  • Sealing system with very low internal leak rates, combined with safety systems such as balance and non-return valves allowing position and load holding.
  • Position sensors for machine safety and the automation of repetitive tasks,
  • Shock absorbers at the end of travel. Fixed, adjustable or progressive,
  • Hollow shafts to feed the cylinder via the shaft,
  • Shaft coating suitable for your usage conditions (Oxynit, HF)